Friday, August 28, 2009

Travel: San Francisco's Farmer's Market

W O W!!! Take a peek at all of these wonderful, beautiful, punchy, vivid colors!!! Can you believe these dazzling shades of life come from something a lot of people take for granted and many children fear - fruits and veggies?!? Hello lovelies!

A couple of weekends ago when I was visiting my friend Christine, we took time out to visit the Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market. Boy was it a delightful feast for the eyes (and mouth)! My camera lens and tongue were in foodie heaven. Although I couldn't bring back a large bounty, I did find my share of happiness. For example, I purchased a bunch of the most delicious, green table grapes I have ever tasted. They're called "Princess" and we picked them up at G L Alfieri's stand. They almost had a muscat sort of quality to them and if a woman hadn't handed me a sample I probably would have passed them right on by! We also purchased some sweet and tangy Green Grenade Pluots from Bella Viva Orchards, an unnamed "Batch #5" cheese from Cowgirl Creamery and crusty bread from Acme. All of our purchases were loaded into a backpack, carried on a 4.3 mile, 900 foot elevation hike from the Green Gulch Farms and Zen Center (who also happen to have a booth at the Farmer's Market) to Muir Beach, and then finally to the lovely front lawn of the The Pelican Inn B&B where we plopped down our tired bodies and feasted on our Farmer's Market treats, washing them down with a frosty, post-hike beverage. Now that's my idea of a perfect day!

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