Sunday, October 25, 2009

Food: Orange Pan-Glazed Tempeh

I don't like to admit failure. But I know when you decide to try out different recipes almost every weekend, sometimes things are going to be a flagged a failure. You just have to hope that you have more hits than misses to avoid giving your kitchen skills a messy reputation. That, and you have to be thankful to have a boyfriend who enjoys trying new things and doesn't insist that everything be plain and boring and all meat and potatoes :)
A few weekends ago I made something that in theory was supposed to be warm, nutty and comforting with lovely asian flavors like soy, ginger and orange served on a bed of chopped kale. But what I ended up with was something Jonathan and I both intensely disliked - so much so, when I tried to eat the leftovers the day afterwards (why do I have to feel guilty about wasting food?), I felt slightly ill after doing it. Lesson learned.
It's such a shame. The recipe sounded good, offered a chance to try a new, unusual ingredient (tempeh from Trader Joe's) and looked wonderful (I am always enticed by Heidi's lovely photos on 101 Cookbooks). I must apologize to her that we did not enjoy the recipe as much as I had hoped. I promise to try something else on her site soon to make up for this foiled attempt. And I apologize to all those tempeh fans out there that I haven't yet grown to love it. Maybe someone can share a better recipe with me to change my mind?

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