Saturday, May 2, 2009

Gardening: My Nemesis - VIOLETS

For the past few years I've been battling violets. Yes, the seemingly harmless, little purple flower some people like to use in pretty jams or lovely teas has become one of my biggest botanical problems. Although pretty on their own, once they start spreading into the yard, goodbye lush, green grass! Unfortunately, according to my online research (and helpful garden-center folks), there isn't a weed product out there that kills violets completely (unless you kill the grass as well). *Sigh* And since sitting in your yard, pulling them out by hand isn't exactly a desirable or effective method(believe me, I've tried it before and it's no wonder it's difficult to kill them...they have huge, strong roots!), I've been using the Ortho product shown below. The "bottle with the purple label" seems to be the best for helping control violets - and is most effective when used on the plants in their early growth stages (before they bloom). Happy spraying!

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