Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Honey: The Little Things

toothbrush, detroit, cavityMy dentist won't be pleased when I visit him tomorrow evening. I have a cavity...something I'm not proud of since up until a couple of years ago I had lived my entire life cavity-free. I blame my recent blemish on my current lifestyle...all work and no "Sarah time." I've been eating breakfast, lunch and dinner at work and the dry cereal I munch on in the morning (I'm a big fan of Kashi Honey Sunshine) is probably the culprit since it sticks real nicely in my teeth.

I had a hard time believing the cavity was there at first since I brush twice a day and use Act restoring mouthwash (it contains flouride -and- is supposed to "remineralize" weak spots...whatever that means) and I even drink lots of water and chew tons of sugar-free gum right after eating. Oh well.

Anyway, my Honey was worried about me. And he's big into tooth health being practically cavity-free himself. So he brought me a toothbrush, travel case and toothpaste and told me to put it in my briefcase. It was very sweet.

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