Friday, May 8, 2009

Gardening: Privacy Fixes

It was only a few years ago the area next to Jonathan's house looked a lot like this photo - pretty, natural grass that provided both privacy and a nice, scenic backdrop to the patio in the summer. Unfortunately, a couple years ago, the neighborhood association cut down everything next to the house to "fix" a water drainage problem (I like to gripe about this since first they never notified Jonathan before doing this and second since they left the grasses shown in the photo below behind all the other neighbors' houses...not fair!). Anyway, this spring, Jonathan and I decided it was time to do some planting to make up for the lack of privacy. The ornamental grasses I've started from seed will hopefully help us add to the volume - it's a fairly large space to cover. And our parents gave us some grass divisions from their plants too. Once we have more items planted and they start growing, I'll show you what progress we've made making it pretty and private once again.

Here's what the area by his patio now looks like now, without tall grasses to block the view...Views are shown from the neighborhood side and the road side:

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