Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Gardening: Weekly Growing Update

It's that time again...my weekly garden growing update. Here is what's popping up &/or blooming in my garden right now.

The lillies are up a few more inches...My lovely lupines survived the winter (and have entertwined with Yucca that I need to transplant yet again).

And the peonies are starting to get nice and tall (they're my personal favorite...I've planted them in multiple spots around my property).

My herb bed is looking kind of messy since it's been overtaken by pussywillow pollen pods...I hate it when those things fall down and clutter up things.

My varigated ground cover has started to bloom (I forget what it's called...if you know, drop me a note).

And I have lots of random tulips (I think the squirrels planted some of these).

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